Source code for algorithmx.main

from .server import Server
from .jupyter import JupyterClient, JupyterCanvas
from .graphics import CanvasSelection

[docs]def http_server(file: str = None, port: int = 5050) -> Server: """ Creates a new HTTP server for displaying the network, using WebSockets to transmit data. The server will only start once its :meth:`~server.Server.start` method is called. After the server has started, the network can be viewed by opening a browser and navigating to the address ``http://localhost:5050/`` (change the port as necessary). :file: (Optional) The path to the HTML file which the server should display, relative to the current runtime directory. If unspecified, the default HTML file will be used. When creating a custom HTML interface, use the default file as a guide. :type file: str :port: (Optional) The port on which the server should start, defaulting to to 5050. Note that the next port (by default 5051) will also be used to transmit data through WebSockets. :type port: int """ return Server(file, port)
def jupyter_client(buttons: bool = False) -> JupyterClient: return JupyterClient(buttons=buttons)
[docs]def jupyter_canvas(buttons: bool = False) -> JupyterCanvas: """ Creates a new :class:`~graphics.CanvasSelection` which will dispatch and receive events through a Jupyter widget, and which can be displayed using the IPython ``display`` function. By default, the canvas size is (400, 250), and requires the ``ctrl``/``cmd`` to be held down while zooming. """ return jupyter_client(buttons=buttons).canvas()