Source code for algorithmx.networkx.utils

from typing import Union

from . import CanvasSelection

    from networkx import is_directed
    is_directed = lambda: False

[docs]def add_graph(canvas: CanvasSelection, graph, weight: Union[str, None] = 'weight') -> CanvasSelection: """ Adds all nodes and edges from a NetworkX graph to the given canvas. Edges will automatically set the :meth:`~graphics.EdgeSelection.directed` attribute and/or add a weight :meth:`~graphics.EdgeSelection.label` depending on the provided graph. :param canvas: The CanvasSelection onto which the graph should be added. :type canvas: :class:`~graphics.CanvasSelection` :param graph: The NetworkX graph :type graph: Any type of NetworkX graph :param weight: The name of the attribute which describes edge weight in the the NetworkX graph. Edges without the attribute will not display a weight, and a value of ``None`` will prevent any weight from being displayed. Defaults to "weight". :type weight: Union[str, None] :return: The provided CanvasSelection with animations disabled, allowing initial attributes to be configured. :rtype: :class:`~graphics.CanvasSelection` """ weighted_edges = [] unweighted_edges = [] for e in graph.edges: if weight in graph.edges[e]: weighted_edges.append(e) else: unweighted_edges.append(e) canvas.nodes(graph.nodes).add() if len(unweighted_edges) > 0: init_edges = canvas.edges(unweighted_edges).add() if is_directed(graph): init_edges.directed(True) if len(weighted_edges) > 0: init_edges = canvas.edges(weighted_edges).add() if is_directed(graph): init_edges.directed(True) init_edges.label().add().text(lambda e: graph.edges[e][weight]) return canvas.duration(0)